Primer on Impeachment. With all the hoopla over Wednesday’s vote to impeach Trump (which did not pass but garnered more votes than expected), people seem to have a hard time understanding the difference between IMPEACHING a president and actually REMOVING him from office.

Impeaching a president is similar to obtaining an indictment in criminal courts. A president must be impeached by the House of Representatives before he can be tried. Once he is impeached, a supermajority of the Senate must vote to remove him (2/3). Only then can he be removed from office.

Only two U.S. presidents have ever been impeached: Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. Neither of them got the 2/3 votes required from the Senate to remove them from office and they both finished their terms.

Richard Nixon was never impeached. As soon as the proceedings were referred to the House he resigned.

Given the current balance of Congress and their proven propensity to support child molesters and sexual predators, i doubt they will have the stomach to impeach, let alone actually kick Trump to the curb. All of which makes the midterm elections so much more important.

Fellow Texans, we must work diligently to defeat Ted Cruz in 2018 and John Cornyn in 2020. We must make sure our representatives hear our voices loud and clear. We will not stand down. We will not be silent. Republicans have called us Snowflakes. If that is the case, then I hope they have their heavy coats cause #WinterIsComing.

Supporting Women and Children Is Our Mission

I am the vice president of a 501c3 organization in Houston, Texas that has luncheons the first Thursday of every month.  In addition to networking opportunities, scholarships and community grants, we host monthly luncheons where community leaders speak on issues relating to women, children and government.  I am currently preparing the slate of speakers for next year when I will be president (Sept, 2018 – May, 2019).  I want to bring dynamic speakers on a range of issues and am asking for suggestions on who we should invite to speak at these events.  If you know someone who would captivate an audience and offer unique insights, please drop me an email at with the subject line: WPG Speaker.



Join Me in NYC!!!

I just booked my airfare and hotel for Jan 19 – 21, 2018, for the Women’s March on NYC and I couldn’t be more excited!!  The march is organized to demand equality for all humans.  In the past year Donald Trump and his supporters have attacked the very fabric of our existence.  The First Amendment, healthcare, and basic human dignity have come under attack.  Scores of women have finally broken their silence regarding sexual assault and harassment that men in positions of power seem to see as their birthright.  We will be silent no longer!!!  We demand that our voices be heard.

Women’s March Alliance will host the Women’s March on New York City Saturday, January 20 at 11 a.m. at Columbus Circle, New York, NY.